Here it is, the fabulous Indian Hindu wedding I’ve been talking about for a year.  It exceeded all expectation.  In a dream world, those whom know me know I would be walking the beaches of Indonesia right now with my surfboard…this wedding in a small neighborhood tucked away in Chantilly, VA near Washington DC brought me back there with the drums, beautiful people, brilliant colors and very deep and meaningful joining of two lives and two families.  Every single day should be filled with such greatness!  Our entire team of photographed and videoed this wedding because we didn’t want to miss a thing.  There was so much going on every second I was thankful there were a few of us there to capture the details and meaningful beauty at this event from the decor to the joining of the hearts of Jenna and Jeremy – enjoy this post, it’s not one you see every day! – Juli

“OH MY GOD!!  Julie Dreelin!!!  Absolutely DYING over these!  You have completely, 100% outdone yourself my love!  Would say more, but too busy forwarding to family and friends 🙂  Thank you!!!!” – Jenna

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