I love it anytime I get to shoot a wedding at Kitty Hawk Pier at the Hilton Garden Inn – Kitty Hawk.  This place just “fits” the Outer Banks beachy theme perfectly with it’s old wooden pier and antique wood paneled pierhouse. Jenna’s chic Mom decorated the entire wedding with bohemian-style vintage lace from old wedding dresses and that drawer of only the best of the best Grandma’s delicate lace lined linen. Brandon made Jenna’s dream – come – true  asking her to marry him during a heated scrabble game…..tid bits of scrabble game sprinkled the wedding theme and gave it such a nice homey feel……I felt like I attended an intimate cocktail affair when I left this wedding, it dripped of perfectness! – Julie

blogpost Jenna and Brandon's Wedding at Kitty Hawk Pier March 16th 2013

A gorgeous wedding at the Hilton Garden Inn on Kitty Hawk Pier in Kitty Hawk, NC