Jen and Eddie from Corolla Classics Rentals in Corolla, NC.

Have you heard? Pinstripe at beach weddings is the “in thing” this year.  It’s gorgeous against the blue ocean, but still gives that “organic” beachy feel instead of a dark blue suit. If you prefer nothing traditional, take a look at this lovely wedding at Pelican’s Landing in Corolla NC catered by Coastal Provisions Market.  Sandals instead of tight heavy shoes, Tom’s shoes instead of high heals, cupcakes for anybody to pick up at their hearts desire, and mason jars on every table to hold the lovely flowers of Rene Landry of Blooms.  Fresh ocean air blew into the tent all evening while the bride and groom said “forget the first dance”…they just danced with everybody all night long – deep into the evening with friends and family. – Julie

blogpost1 Non-Traditional Inspired wedding of Jen and Eddie

A gorgeous wedding at Pelican’s Landing in Corolla, NC by Julie Dreelin