We traveled the world aimlessly, sharing our passions, until our cups runneth over, then said hey, let's start a family! Our two little grommets are everything to us, the loves, the play, the gut busting laughs, all of it. We raise our family to be wise, creative and kind. We share the earth's connection; the real us, the real you, the joy of living, the moments of true love, life's starts, life's ends, and most importantly, the gratefulness of being alive. We love life, live it, and do our best to document it. After all, when it is all said and done, it's about what you believed in, and how you lived it.

I am Julie, married to Eric and together we are two wild souls that met up at the prime of our lives. If opposites attract, than we are just perfect. We believe in challenging the status quo and in thinking differently. We are that un-perfect cool couple that thrives on fresh ocean salty air, and is always ready to throw down on some healthy, yummy, fresh caught grub. You might pass us on the way up to the mountains with snowboards + fly rods, or with our feet dangling out the window of our car, headed down south for some surf. Our motto of life is "live the adventure", and we do.

Having the courage to live life to it's fullest

heart + soul

Ever since I was a little girl, art has been a huge part of my life. I remember the day I discovered how sun flickers through trees to make shadows in my grandmothers garden at 7 years old. I will never forget how thrilling it felt to turn garden flowers into art, to create drawings by simply using my favorite colors and leaves.  I can close my eyes and still recall the wonder from falling asleep each night to the symphony of birds chirping, the smell of earth, and Bach playing on the record player. I was born to express and create through art and light.

Creating art

my Marriage

My favorite things in life

family beach life

My favorite things in life

my kiddos

My favorite things in life

Too often travel, instead of broadening the mind, merely lengthens the conversation.

Going beyond the surface and get to the best story

not a posed, fake, unrealistic version of who you are.

- the real you -

It's more than a photo experience, it's documenting the essence of who you are

- capturing truth -

A photograph captures your unique moments in time for you to look back on and relive over

- and over again -

Unposed real moments
in time

where the heart shines

- family -

we capture stories